As a web designer, I have years of experience with handfuls of hosting companies, email marketing, software solutions, and other companies that are needed for businesses with an online presence. Because I believe the companies below are the best in their field, I’ve partnered with them. Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I may receive a referral commission (at no cost to you) if you click thru a link below and signup with them. If I’ve helped you in any way make a decision, I hope you will consider using my links.


Here’s what I’ve learned…


Hosting: Over time I’ve found SiteGround far superior to other hosting companies, not just in cost savings, but tools/features they include, performance speed, reliability and outstanding customer service with no wait times and no up selling every time you call. (Note: I also have at least 2 that I would avoid at all cost.)



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Email Marketing: If you want to send out email newsletters, promotional emails, or just updates on events or what’s new with your company, Constant Contact is my choice for keeping in touch with your customers. In my experience, they are most ‘trusted’, emails coming from their service won’t land in the spam folder as often, and for those of you working from home, you aren’t required to put your physical address on the email. You can use a P.O. Box address if you’d rather not give out your home address. (Unlike some other companies.) They just recently added AI content generation & advanced automations. Plus: They look the most professional & generate the best results.


I spent years designing successful custom html emails for Road Runner Sports (San Diego), so if you’d like help handling your email campaigns, please just get in touch with me.


Bonus: I can also provide you with a discounted rate 30% off your first 3 months if you signup thru me as a partner. When you’re ready, message me or call me at: (951) 491-5161.


Constant Contact



Website Accessibility: You’ve probably seen the icon below on websites you’ve visited and maybe wondered what it’s about. The accessiBe software makes your website comply with international legislation & standards: ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 & EN 301549. It opens up the Internet for users with disabilities & keeps your company’s website in compliance with legislation 24/7. So, in addition to avoiding a lawsuit, it’s just ethically the right thing to do, right? — Make your website accessible & ensure that all of your potential users, including people with disabilities, have a decent user experience and are able to easily access your information.


Here are the main benefits of making your website accessible:

  1. Ethical – It’s the right thing to do.
  2. Broader reach – Increases audience size.
  3. Legal – Avoids the risk of lawsuits.
  4. SEO – Boosts search engine ranking.
  5. Demographic – Aging population wants access.
  6. User experience – Better experience for all users.
  7. Mobile – Makes sites more device friendly.
  8. Innovate – Creates new paths to extend reach.
  9. Bottom Line – Improves business financial strength.
  10. Someone you know is disabled.